Why U.S. Paper Converters?

CEO Lyle Reigel


With our enormous facilities and broad array of equipment, we provide services that others can only envy. Need to rewind an extra wide roll? We can
handle up to 130” wide rolls. Even lightweight isn’t a problem for us. We have a soft covered winding drum to accommodate your lightweight rolls. Large warehousing needs? We can handle them.


When you add an experienced, innovative staff to all of that big capacity, the result is extraordinary service. When our loyal customers ask when they can get their order processed, our answer is "When do you need it?" Not only do we get it to you when you want it, we get it right the first time.


With our big physical capacity and fast, industrious people, we're always looking for a challenge. What have you got for us? Bring it on, friend!

Big, Fast, Flexible

Your Best Friend in Converting for Over 30 Years